what is bitcoin address
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What is bitcoin address?

In order to buy or sell items with Bitcoin, you need to have a possibility to send and receive your funds from a specific location, kind of like sending and receiving mail through a mailbox. Sound’s…

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Can you buy part of a bitcoin?

One of the biggest misconceptions in the cryptocurrency world is the understanding of the units of digital currencies. It is often believed that bitcoin is too expensive to buy and many think that you have to buy…

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Privacy coins. What are anonymity of cryptocurrencies?

In a society where our privacy is constantly under threat, lack of privacy in process of purchase of cryptocurrencies is not an exception. Therefore, one of the most important aspects of cryptocurrency is the privacy of…

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What is blockchain?

Blockchain is one of the hottest topics in technology and finance sector today but what is blockchain? From insurance to logistics, real estate to healthcare — blockchain is predicted to transform almost every single industry in the…

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Proof Of Work and Proof Of Stake

While trying to learn more about how Bitcoin, Ethereum, or other cryptocurrencies work, you must have come across these two difficult terms – Proof of work (POW) and Proof of stake (POS). Both terms are quite difficult to understand without…

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Different types of cryptocurrency, how they vary?

The main different types of cryptocurrency (or altcoins) relate to how coins are produced and spent (Learn more about altcoins). Some coins, like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Monero, are created in a process called “mining” which involves…

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Why is Ethereum falling? Is it dying?

Concerns have been raised after recent price dip on all crypto, including the top two – Bitcoin and Ethereum. For Ethereum (ETH) it has been on a downward spiral with little sign of change. Ethereum’s falling price…

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