About Tokia

Tokia mission is to provide reliable and effective currency exchange services to everyone who wishes to join. Tokia is a new concept of cryptocurrency exchange with extremely low fees, very easy to use, immediate crypto to fiat, fiat to crypto transactions.

We take our security very seriously

Secure storage

In order to provide safety for our system users, the private keys are being stored in cold wallets that are transferred into an offline device that is not connected online. All the data is being stored in the fully encrypted server that only a small hand of people have access to. Only two-person confirmation gives access to the server. All Tokia data is encrypted wherever there is a possibility. Our systems are both redundant and isolated from one another.


We work extra hard to secure the private key of your digital wallet. We make sure that no one has and will ever have access to more than one private key. We use two-factor verification, a one-time code generated on your smartphone, that provides an additional level of authentication and ensure safety to your account. To secure your funds, we use email verifications for large amount transfers. We are working on the implementation of a phone call verification system for large transactions.

Financial Security

We separate our operations account from customer funds account. Customer funds reside safely in our account and fees are transferred on a daily basis. Tokia will not borrow or use customer funds to fund any operations, nor can they be lent for any kind of a purpose, even for margin trading on our own platform. All personally identifiable information – ID numbers, bank account numbers, and identity document scans, are encrypted and securely stored.

Company security principles

All Tokia web services and communication happens over secure SSL-cryptographic protocol (https) channels. We regularly perform security checks such as penetration, stress, quality assurance tests and carefully scan all our networks and the system. Our office is wired with separate networks for separate purposes. All our employees pass a background check and receive a detailed security training.

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