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Tokia launch dates

We are extremely happy to announce Tokia launch dates! Tokia platform is about to be launched on September 5th! For the first two weeks it will be accessible only to the members of Tokia community, then it will be launched for the public use.
From September 5th to 17th, the platform will be available to our early subscribers and ICO token holders and token holders will get an exclusive early access to Tokia platform.

On the 17th of September we will launch the platform to the public!

Cashback bonus

As a thank you to our community for the support and believe in our vision we have decided to grant you with a cashback bonus. In order to get your bonus and early access to the platform, all you have to do is input your email below.

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TKA holders: Participants that hold more than 30 000+ TKA up until third of January will get 100% commission fee cashback from each trade.

Early subscribers: As a thank you for the support, all our early subscribers will receive 50% commission fee cashback from each trade up until 3rd of January.

Newly registered accounts: We have decided to grant our newly registered Tokia exchange platform users. All our newly registered accounts will get 30% commission fee cashback from each trade.

In order to get your bonus and early access to the platform, all you have to do is:
– Input your email into the waiting list form field.
– Press “Get early access button”.
– Then, you will receive confirmation letter to your email.
– Press the provided link and confirm it.

Also, we would like to remid you that we are not planning to change any token holder benefits that we stated in our whitepaper. Everyone who purchased tokens during the ICO will be prioritised on the waiting list for the TOKIA card. Then, depending on the number of tokens held, will receive all the benefits as promised.

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